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Tempered and Laminated Glass – Differences and Characteristics

You already heard about these types of glass on our site. The difference between these types of glass is enormous, and it’s reflected mostly in the ways of how the glass breaks. Tempered glass decomposes into very small pieces, and laminated glass will crack, but remain together due to the plastic layer in between the glass.

Tempered Glass

Once tempered, glass cannot be longer altered or cut. It’s necessary to do all cutting and glass processing before the tempering process, otherwise, the glass will break. After all, the processing is done, the glass goes to the tempering oven for baking at 800-1400 degrees (depending on the glass thickness).

There are a few reasons why to temper glass. The first and foremost is strength – after this process, the glass becomes very strong, very hard to break. The other reason is safety. Tempered glass decomposes into really small pieces that are almost not harmful at all (it’s really hard to get cut).

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made out of two glasses that are glued together with the plastic sealing (in between glass panels). If the glass is 1/4“ thick, it’s made out of two glasses of 1/8“ thickness with a thick layer of glue in between. After being glued together, this glass can be still cut/altered, but the process is complex and time-consuming (each glass layer must be cut separately first, then in the end the plastic sealing must be cut). As we mentioned previously, this glass can break and crack, but it stays together because of the plastic sealing in between glasses.

When Safety Glass Is Used?

Safety glass is widely used in modern architecture. Most of the modern buildings are fully equipped with safety glass – glass walls, glass facades (especially in roof parts, balconies, canopies). All glasses in cars are made out of safety glass. The reason for this is evident – if a rock hits your windshield the glass is gonna crack, but not break (laminated glass), and glasses on doors and the trunk are made out of tempered glass.

Any glass installed into any door, or next to a door will be a type of safety glass. Some businesses such as convenience stores prefer to use laminated glass in their storefront doors because it makes it more difficult for someone to break in.

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