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New Flight Control Tower At The Belgrade Airport


A lot of improvements have been made at the Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla” in the last couple of years, all for the sake of upgrading the overall flight services in Serbia. One project that already started with realization is the construction of the new flight-control building. After 60 years, Belgrade Airport will get a brand new flight control building. This project is the biggest and the most important for the modernization and control of air traffic in Serbia.

It’s a great honor for our company Savabien to be one of the vital parts of this capital project in Serbia.

Project Realisation

SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency) delegated the realization of this project to Serbian company Energroprojekt, while all the glass production and processing tasks were given to company Savabien. The fact, that the whole project will be realized by Serbian companies is really important and beneficial for the Serbian economy.

The total cost of this project is estimated to be 12 million Euros, and it covers the construction of the control tower (75 meters height), surrounding buildings with a control room of 100m2 which is equipped with the latest technology for flight control. The total quadrature of this building is 7500m2.

Glasses that are produced by Savabien, for this specific purpose are listed below:

SUNGUARD SN51 GLASS (double insulated/laminated glass 8.8.2mm):

–         With flot sound insulation 4.4.2mm – 120,77m2

–         With flot sound insulation 6.6.2mm – 1.199,84m2

–         With flot sound insulation 8.8.2mm – 189,12m2

SUNGUARD SN51 GLASS (tempered 10.10.2mm):

–         With HST test 12mm – 133,16m2

Tempered/Parson Glass with HST test (10mm) – 725m2

Tempered/Parson Glass with HST test (12mm) – 76m2

Lisec machine

All above-mentioned glass is produced in Serbia, in Savabien’s production facility in Surcin, which is located near the Belgrade Airport. This production facility is completely equipped with automated mechanization by Lisec, a leader in the production of glass processing machinery!

The construction process of the Airport Control Tower started in February 2020, and the deadline for it is scheduled for February 2022.

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