Thermal break aluminum joinery

Everything You Need To Know About Thermal Breaks In Aluminum Joinery

In addition, to improve the thermal characteristics and sound insulation of the window itself, the thermal break also has a structural role since it connects the two sides of the metal frame in the window itself. Today, a thermal break is a standard in the production of aluminum joinery.

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Aluminum joinery is one of the most attractive solutions for all types of rooms and buildings, both residential, industrial, commercial and public. It is characterized by a solid metal construction, exceptional quality and durability (up to 50 years), a wide range of colors/patterns, easy processing (possibility of making various shapes and dimensions), and easy maintenance. Also, one of the most important characteristics of aluminum itself is its environmental side – it is easy to recycle and CO2 emissions are minor.

The cons of aluminum joinery are mostly reflected in the lower thermal/insulating properties of aluminum, which have just been improved by the use of thermal breakers.

The Thermal Break

The thermal break is an accessory that improves the thermal insulation properties of aluminum windows and doors. This accessory is a special insulator that is attached to the inside and outside of the window/door frame and is made of polyurethane resin, which, as a partition wall bridge, reduces the possibility of heat, cold or sound conduction. The thermal break has an extremely high density, is additionally reinforced with glass fiber, and binds both sides of the window; exceptionally affects the final price of the product, which is justified in view of the high thermal insulation properties of aluminum joineries, which are achieved by installing thermal circuit breakers.


Aluminum joinery with thermal break is an absolutely right choice compared to PVC or wood joinery or aluminum joinery WITHOUT thermal break. It offers reliable protection in the area of heat storage, the impossibility of moisture leakage, water condensation, high sound insulation, the prevention of the penetration of UV rays, and the possibility of creating multilayered glass.

This joinery incurs a slightly higher cost to build or renovate a facility, but in the long run, this investment saves money that would otherwise be invested in replacing, repairing, or maintaining joineries made from other materials.

In the Savabien aluminum carpentry offer, you have a wide range of high-quality products that contain different types of thermal circuit breakers and different thermal insulation specifications!

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