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4 Tips For Buying Aluminum Doors and Windows

As we all already know, aluminum is one of the most efficient materials and is widely used in the modern construction niche, especially in the joinery niche. It’s widely known for its aesthetic appeal and excellent properties that they are designed with. Aluminum is durable, strong, and versatile, has a wide range of colors, doesn’t rust and scores high on fire ratings, and above all eco-friendly!

In this article, we will present you with some of the factors you need to keep in mind when buying aluminum doors and windows. This guide is useful both for businesses and individuals.

Buy From The Established Producers

Don’t settle for anything in the local deport store if you want to get high-quality windows/doors, that are both affordable and durable. Instead, search for a company that produces and sells aluminum joinery for big projects and construction companies. One such example is Savabien.

Aluminum Quality

There are different types of aluminum, each has its degree of hardness, weldability, corrosion levels, etc. This metal also comes in different grades which are very important! Different grades come with different quality levels that affect the product itself. Look closely for defects in the fabrication; windows and doors that are constructed from cheap grade aluminum can have visible factory dents or defects. If a company that sells/produces joinery use materials from well-known companies such as Reynaers, Alumil, or Schuco there shouldn’t be any problems with it. 

 To ensure that you don’t compromise the quality of the aluminum joinery, pay attention to this:

 – Check the air-tightness

 – Frames that are fusion welded and have silicon sealants (that close all the gaps) are always the best choice

 – Choose only trusted producers (mentioned above)

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Style of the Aluminum Joinery

Many different styles are available on the market. And this is, pretty much, a personal choice and something that relates closely to the aesthetics and room design. Some of the mechanisms used are: sliding, tilt and turn. Keep in mind that aluminum joinery is the only type of joinery that has no size limits.


Although aluminum door/window frames are strong and very durable, checking if the frame meets prescribed industry standards is a must! So, checking for characteristics such as doubled or toughened glass (or ballistic proof glass), multiple lock points, and grills that add to the security of your home is a good practice!

We hope that this short guide was helpful and wish you a successful aluminum joinery purchase for your home or commercial space!

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