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Why Aluminum Joinery Is A Better Choice Than Wood or PVC?

Each one of us, faced this question, at least once in a lifetime: “What to choose? Aluminum, wooden, or PVC joinery?”: no matter if you are an investor or a person who renovates your home, you faced this question. In this article, we will present to you some of the benefits of aluminum joinery in comparison with other joinery materials such as wood or PVC. Why aluminium joinery is always the right choice, find out in the article below!

1. Design/A wide range of colors

It might not sound like that, at first, but aluminum is a material that gives a lot of designing options. Because of its flexibility and good strength-to-weight ratio a wide range of options are available; such as frames for big size doors/windows, as well as options with multiple glass layers and thermal breaks (these elements affect the weight of the final product).

Another great benefit of aluminum joinery is its wide range of colors. This type of joinery offers a highly durable finish. Aluminum can be powder-coated (for achieving any possible color), anodized to preserve its metallic shades and it can proceed to achieve a wood finish as well.

Compared to wood or PVC frames, that become discolored through time, aluminum is really stable and durable. These frames can retain their finish for over 20 years.

2. Sustainability/Durability

Aluminum is considered a “green” or “eco” metal, because of its corrosion resistance and strength. Even 75% of aluminum, ever produced is still in use today, which makes it very economical and sustainable. This material can be recycled (almost) infinitely; it requires only 5% of initial energy input, and it saves about 100 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, which is not the (unfortunately) case with wood or PVC.

This material is very resistant to any weather conditions, high-temperature fluctuations, and high UV exposure, as opposed to wood (it deteriorates) and PVC (brittle at low temperatures and wraps at higher temperatures). Aluminum joinery doesn’t rot, corrode, crack or warp; this type of joinery requires almost no maintenance at all, which makes its lifecycle cost predictable and negligent.

3. Energetic efficiency

Aluminum has its cons, like everything, of course. Metals are really good thermal conductors – bad thermal isolators; to achieve better specs and better sound insulation of aluminum joinery we can use multi-layer glass (double or triple layer), thermal breaks as well as using special insulating materials (similar to foam) which are built in the frame itself.

4. Price

We will be honest here – aluminum doors and windows are more expensive than PVC due to a higher cost of materials and more complex manufacturing. But in the long run, aluminum joinery is much more cost-effective, because of its durability. Aluminum joinery can last up to 50 years, without causing any problems.

5. Safety

At the very end, we must point out the exceptional safety of aluminum joinery. Yes, this material is the safest one when it comes to joinery – aluminum is not toxic and it’s not emitting toxic gases in cases of fire, which is not the case with PVC or wood.

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