Savabien project Railway Station

Renovated Railway Station In Novi Sad

Serbia officially received a high-speed railway last month. This remarkable project that will significantly improve life and the economy in Serbia has finally been realized, and last month, the high-speed railway was put into operation.

In the first phase of the railway renovation, the Novi Sad-Belgrade section was put into operation. Citizens of the Republic of Serbia will travel this route in just 30 minutes at speeds exceeding 200 km/h. All railway stations, platforms, and infrastructure have been renovated on this route.

Our company, Savabien, is also part of this major project; we participated in the renovation of one of the most architecturally interesting railway stations in Serbia – Novi Sad.

What characterizes this station is the glass facade implemented in large panels that beautifully illuminate the interior – the entire architectural design of this facility is an embodiment of futuristic design that was present during the 1960s in communist-socialist societies in Europe.

Savabien Glass Used In The Railwaystation Renovation

The replacement of glass and glass elements (railings, elevators, ticket counters) at the railway station was carried out using Savabien products:

– The entire facade is made of transparent Guardian Extra Clear 6mm glass.
– All glass railings and counters are made of Savabien tempered and laminated glass with aluminum supports and handrails.
– For the elevator, Savabien spider facade (with point supports) was used.

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