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All You Need To Know About Glass Facades

One of the most popular trends in modern architecture is glass facades. Their glamorous look and high aesthetical value catch everyone’s attention. No matter, if it’s a commercial or a residential building, glass facades, is always an attractive choice. Just imagine waking up in a mountain house, with its front side fully covered in glass – what a view would you have from the room? 

 In this article, we will introduce you to types and some of the benefits of glass facades.

1. What is a glass façade?

Glass facades represent a curtain wall, a structure that fully covers a façade of the building, on which glass panels are attached. Glass facades are one of the best sound insulators and a very attractive solution for any type of building. The curtain – a supporting structure is usually made of aluminum.

Factors that must be taken into account while choosing glass facades:

– Location of the object
– Total weight of the building (it’s important because it can cause glass façade break)
– Thermal permeability
– Wind speed
– External light transmission and reflection

2. Types of Glass Facade

Continuous façade

 This is the most common type. Its benefits are reflected in easy maintenance, good thermal-sound insulation, and affordable price. It’s made of a visible aluminum curtain wall with attached glass panels on it. These are mostly used for pyramid coverage, domes, and eaves.

Structural façade

Structural glass facades are created by gluing glass panels to the non-visible supporting aluminum wall, thus giving the impression of a one-price glass surface. Windows are also not visible on these facades, which gives it a magnificent uniform look. Structural glass facades are considered one of the best sound insulators.

Half-Structural façade

 The only difference to structural facades is that this one has some visible parts of the aluminum supporting construction.

Spider façade

 Spider Facades are considered the most attractive glass façade because of their wide range of designing opportunities. With spider facades, you can achieve any possible look and curve. These are used for stadiums, business, and commercial buildings.

Double façade

The name already explains this type of glass facades – these have two layers of glass. The gap between these layers is used for natural ventilation. These are the most effective thermal insulators because the layers of glass are heated up with sun rays.

3. Characteristics

Glass facades are the perfect combination of “beautiful and useful”, and its benefits are reflected in:

– Atmospheric protection
– Source of natural light
– Perfect thermal-sound insulation
– Wide range of options designing options
– Energy savings

In the end, we can conclude that a glass façade might be expensive, but considering its benefits it is very profitable in the long term. Glass facades are ideal both for brand new buildings and renovation projects!

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