Alumil Profili Vrata


SMARTIA M15000RS (Alumil door profile) is a hinged system suitable for the construction of entrance doors. It has a special smoke proof design for the prevention of smoke or smells spreading to specific protected areas of the buildings.

  • Application in public spaces, hotels, or industrial buildings for safe evacuation in case of fire, isolation of kitchen, etc
  • Available in all entrance typologies, as for example single or double leaf doors with fixed parts, with or without fanlights, etc
  • Robust construction with impressive dimensions
  • The system meets the specifications of smoke-proof and panic doors
  • Certified system performance by ift Rosenheim Institute

Technical specification:

Frame depth 50 mm
Sash depth 50 mm
Minimum aluminum visible depth 150 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit do 180 kg
Glass thickness do 40 mm


Smoke control and sash EN1634
Test of self-closing function (200.000 cycles) EN1191
aluminum alumil profile
thermal insulated profile


SMARTIA M15000BR is a burglar resistant hinged system ideal for the creation of high safety entrance doors and safety cages. Some of the system main attributes are:

  • Construction of sturdy entrance doors
  • Ideal option for banks and public buildings where the need of security is increased
  • Easy construction which can be combined with high tech automation mechanisms
  • Certified performance by ift Rosenheim institute for burglar resistance of RC2 level

Technical Characteristics:

Frame Depth56 mm
Sash Depth50 mm
Minimum aluminum visible depth111 mm
Sash mechanism weight limitdo 180 kg
Glass thicknessdo 40 mm


Test of self-closing function (200.000 cycles)EN1191


SMARTIA M9660 is an insulated Tilt and Turn system for areas with warmer climates, ensuring high-quality constructions and application of various typologies with considerable thermal performance. It is ideal for renovations, combining safety and functionality without requiring high investment costs.

  • Basic system depth 56mm
  • Special profiles are available for various entrance doors typologies
  • Available in various designs (flat, curved)
  • European groove or Euronut hardware can be applied
  • Max glass thickness up to 49mm and weight per sash up to 180kg
  • Soundproof up to 30dB
  • Certified for burglar protection RC2
  • Certified by the ift Rosenheim institute

Technical characteristics:

Frame Depth56 mm
Sash Depth63.5 mm
Minimum visible width82 mm
Minimum T profile width 70 mm
Sash mechanism weightdo 180 kg
Glass thicknessdo 49 mm
Type of thermal insulationPoliamid 24 mm

alumil door profiles
aluminum doors


SMARTIA MD9660 is the new system of ALUMIL for modern coplanar main entrance doors with high standards and an emphasis on safety. The system offers the possibility of realizing cost-efficient constructions, using either aluminum panels or glazing. The possibility of using an adhesive metal sheet over the entire outer sash with a coplanar design provides not only outstanding minimal aesthetics but also enhanced security.

  • Basic system depth 56mm
  • Designed for a vast range of entrance door typologies
  • Either European Groove or Euronut hardware can be applied
  • Max, glass thickness up to 49mm and weight per sash up to 180kg (with concealed hinges)
  • The outstanding coplanar insulated panel of 65mm width for advanced thermal insulation and security level
  • Low threshold of only 15.20mm height, for easy access to people with special needs
  • Soundproof up to 36dB
  • Certified for burglar resistance RC2
  • Certified by ift Rosenheim

Technical characteristics:

Frame depth56 mm
Sash depth63.5 mm
Minimum visible width82 mm
Minimum visible T-profile width70 mm
Sash mechanism weightdo 180 kg
Glazing paneldo 49 mm
InsulationPoliamid 20 mm


SMARTIA MD67 is ALUMIL’s new system for quality main entrance doors. Distinguished for its modern design and its high performance, the system provides the ability to create entrance doors with panels or glazing infills. The special double-sided coplanar design provides unique entrance doors with an exceptional aesthetic value.

  • Basic depth of system: 67mm
  • Low threshold of almost 16mm height with slip-resistant design
  • High-level of thermal insulation up to 1.97 W/m2K
  • Designed for various entrance door typologies
  • Wide variety of security locks and hinges (concealed, barrel or surface mounted)
  • High level of water tightness
  • The outstanding insulated panel which is coplanar on both sides, with a width of 67mm, for exceptional design, advanced thermal insulation, and high security level

Technical characteristics:

Frame depth67 mm
Sash depth67 mm
Minimum visible aluminum width117 mm
Minimum visible T-profile aluminum width85 mm
Sash mechanism weightdo 220 kg
Glass thicknessod 23mm do 49 mm
Type of thermal insulationPoliamid 20/24mm, 
PE insulation foam and Alumil Energy Bar

aluminum safety doors md67