Aluminum doors are usually made of aluminum materials, and depending on their purpose, these can be made out of basic profiles or ones with built-in thermal insulations. Opening systems are made according to the client’s requirement and the type of entrance.

Benefits of aluminum doors:

  • Lighter in comparison with other materials (PVC, iron, or wood) and at the same time, more durable
  • The best quality-cost relation
  • Possibility of installing specially designed panels for entrance doors
  • Available in different colors (the color is not affecting the price)
  • Extremely resistible to different atmospheric conditions


Our company is a proud partner of Belgian company Reynaers. For more than a decade, we use these profiles for the production of our windows and doors. Reynaers systems are built in a way that opens up the surrounding, improving energetic savings and optimize the view field of doors and windows. Robust, hinged, or turning Reynaers systems have the best possible sealing mechanisms as well as the best thermal characteristics, as well as a wide range of security doors.
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A longtime and successful collaboration with well known greek brand Alumil helped us expand our offer and create high quality products that are suitable to almost any budget. Alumil systems that are available in our offer represent the world standard in domain of aluminium joinery and because of that we are able to make any of your ideas become reality.
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